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Hardware Driver Trouble Shooting (Ethernet Cards)
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PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2002 3:35 am    Post subject: Hardware Driver Trouble Shooting (Ethernet Cards) Reply with quote

Well, since the kernel config / compile / install is NOT handled by gentoo in and of itself and is instead handled by the user; 95% of the time it's user error when a driver doesn't work. It may not even be loaded. If you selected M and didn't setup your modules.conf or modules.autoload then yes the driver will appear to not work. I would encourage you all to think throught these problems logically. Say you did exactly as the original poster did and had his exact problem. Here are some things you can try in that position.

1.) Check to see if the driver is present.
dmesg | grep eth0

if you see something like:
eth0: RealTek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet at 0xe08cbf00, 00:c0:26:a5:b8:d2, IRQ 12
eth0:  Identified 8139 chip type 'RTL-8139C'
eth0: Setting 100mbps full-duplex based on auto-negotiated partner ability 45e1.

Then you know the driver is loaded. You can proceed with setting up the network as stated in the install docs (You are reading the install docs right?)

2.) If it is notyou might try:

modprobe -l | less

Look for /lib/modules/$KERNEL_VERSION/kernel/drivers/net

You will need to know what the name of the module is for your card. This information can be found in /usr/src/$KERNEL_SRC_DIR/Documentation,, or a whole host of other ways.

Once you figure out which module belongs to your nic you can execute
modprobe eepro100
(replace eepro100 with the module name for your card without the .o extenstion) run that
command again to see if it's loaded. Once you know what the module name is for your card you can add the following to your /etc/modules.conf file
alias eth0 eepro100

Again replacing eepro100 with the name of your driver.

The moral of the story is: Don't just give up and blame gentoo. Find out what the problem is. You'll learn a great deal in the process and quite possibly have fun to boot. Make sure you pour over the documentation, read the forums (and post if your question is not answered there) and STFW (Search The Fine Web) as well as our mailing lists for answers.

If you're not willing to do any of these things than perhaps gentoo (nay, linux) isn't for you.
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