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PCMCIA Network Install without CDROM
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2002 6:28 am    Post subject: PCMCIA Network Install without CDROM Reply with quote

PCMCIA Network Install without CDROM

These instructions where a product of my despiration to get Gentoo on my Sony PCG-505TS, with nothing more then an External Floppy and my PCMCIA network card. You will need one working linux box and two 1.44 floppy diskettes as well.

I used the boot and root floppy from to boot up my laptop. Login and run fdisk something like this (just like in gentoo install instructions except we add a home mount):
    hda1 = 100 /mnt/gentoo/boot
    hda2 = Double amount of physical ram /linux-swap
    hda3 = 1.5gig or more /mnt/gentoo
    hda4 = greater then stage# size /mnt/gentoo/home

The size of hda4 important because thats where we will be d/ling our stage#-ix86-1.1a.tbz2 and were we will copy our boot files for setup. After setup is complete you may delete everything in /home and use like normal.

For those of you that need FDISK help go here:

OK, partions created we should be at step #6 on the Gentoo install instructions:
Make your swap and filesystem types, I used ext3 for all mine.
Move to step #7 in gentoo instructions and add
# mkdir /mnt/gentoo/home
# mount /dev/hda4 /mnt/gentoo/home

OK, all partitions mounted. Lets get some files. We need to have the files
from the gentoo boot cdrom. Specifically /isolinux/kernel & /isolinux/rescue.gz
and then of course the stage#-ix86-1.1a.tbz2. I got my files by placing the files from the iso on an anonmymous ftp. Then:
# cd /mnt/gentoo/home
# wget ftp://serveraddy/path/kernel
# wget ftp://serveraddy/path/rescue.gz
# wget ftp://serveraddy/path/stage#-ix86-1.1a.tbz2

OK, we have the files we need for gentoo. Umount your partitions and shutdown.

Now we need GRUB boot loader on floppy. install it if you dont already have it on your working linux box. Then:
# su
# mkfs.ext2 /dev/fd0
# mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy/
# grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/floppy/ '(fd0)' <--maybe /sbin/grub-install
# umount /mnt/floppy/

Need more info? See, under using grub.

OK, we have a GRUB boot diskette, boot that puppy up and:
grub> root (hd0,3)  #<--where (hd0,3) = /dev/hda4 where your d/led gentoo files are
grub> kernel (hd0,3)/kernel devfs=nomount vga=normal load_ramdisk=1  prompt_ramdisk=0 ramdisk_size=40000 root=/dev/ram0 rw (all on one line)
grub> initrd (hd0,3)/rescue.gz
grub> boot

Boom! your favorite laptop is up and ready to start the gentoo install. Start at step #2 and just skip the fdisk and fs creation since its all ready done, then resume at Step #7.

Contributed by newbie linux user Brent Schwartz, see even newbs can help contribute!
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