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VLANs over multiple NICs
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Tux's lil' helper

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:04 am    Post subject: VLANs over multiple NICs Reply with quote

Hello everybody!

I'm currently running a gentoo box as a central firewall/router in a larger network with several VLANs. The box itself has several NICs, while the VLANs are spanning over some of those. At the moment I have the following configuration set up and running (in a schematic version, there are more than 2 NICs involved and more than 2 VLANs, and behind each NIC resides a switch):


 br0.2     br0.3
   |         |
  |         |
eth0      eth1

So, basically I've set up a bridge over all ethernet interfaces, and on top of that bridge I've set up several VLANs. This configuration works, but I have the feeling that this configuration is generating a lot of network traffic, as the bridge seems to forward all traffic to all ethernet devices.

I'm wondering if the following setup would reduce network traffic:


        br2                   br3
         |                     |
         |   --------------------------
         |   |                        |
  -----------|------------            |
  |          |           |            |
eth0.2     eth0.3      eth1.2       eth1.3
  |          |           |            |
  ------------           --------------
         |                     |
       eth0                  eth1

That way I could remove i.e. VLAN 4 from eth0 and only have it on eth1.

So, the basic question is: If I have multiple VLANs spanning over multiple ports, is it better to first combine all ports in a bridge and then add vlan functionality, or to first add vlan functionality to each port and combine the same VLANs to bridges.

Also, I've read something about VLAN aware bridges? Would that make the setup easier?

Thanks for advice


PS: excuse my drawing skills :)
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