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[SOLVED] Suddenly can't connect to Steam
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 3:06 am    Post subject: [SOLVED] Suddenly can't connect to Steam Reply with quote


Hope I'm not missing something embarassing here, but a few weeks ago from this post, I noticed Steam stopped being able to auto-update itself (it kept popping up over and over to install the same update until I would eventually give up and cancel, but Steam still worked otherwise).

Then a few days ago, Steam just failed to ever log me in at all (usually hanging at the "Connecting Steam account" window). The system hadn't been updated in a while, so figured that's probably the issue.

Finally, on the night of this post, I was able to complete a deep update (incl. kernel & all layman overlays, rebuilt nvidia-drivers & rebooted, etc), with minor fuss. However, afterward, steam continues to fail to ever log me in. It starts, tries to self-update (no indication if it succeeds or fails), but eventually hangs again at the "Connecting Steam account" window (or sometimes the "Updating Steam Information" window, which shows a progress bar at 100%). If I let it sit long enough (like over night...? more than a couple hours, anyway), it does often throw a generic "couldn't connect" error/popup.

So then I decided to reinstall Steam from scratch (installed via steam-overlay) - unmerged it (plus depclean) and deleted my ~/.steam directory... Also emptied my iptables rules, to ensure I didn't change something there. Symptoms persist. My Steam account is fine, as I can log into normally.

I'm lost.

Here's the output when I run Steam from a terminal:

Also, here's a log I thought might be interesting, but other than some apparent IPv6 issues, I don't see anything (from ~/.steam/steam/logs/):

Not sure what else to share or look at, but there are a lot of logs in the same directory I'm happy to post if needed.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I just realized that ~/.steam has symlinks (I think I knew that before but just didn't make the connection). That lead to a new reinstall attempt, after also deleting ~/.local/share/Steam....Now I'm getting an emerge error that steam-launcher is masked by ~amd64 keyword, which really doesn't make any sense at this time.

Once I was finally able to reinstall Steam properly, everything seems to be working normally again.
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