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crossdev arm_unknown_linux_uclibc fails
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:29 pm    Post subject: crossdev arm_unknown_linux_uclibc fails Reply with quote

First, crossdev is excellent!

Have successfully built arm_unknown_linux_gnueabihf and arm_unknown_linux_musleabihf toolchains for i.MX6 based targets (arm7hf).

Having an issue for uclibc at stage 1. Have tried arm_unknown_linux_ with uclibc, uclibceabi and uclibceabihf.

Stage 0 completes fine, but all fail with the same error at stage 1... when trying to emerge the headers for uclibc_ng...


>>> Source configured.
>>> Compiling source in /var/tmp/portage/cross-arm-unknown-linux-uclibceabihf/uclibc-ng-1.0.31/work/uClibc-ng-1.0.31 ...
make -j12 headers
make: arm-unknown-linux-uclibceabihf-gcc: Command not found
Rules.mak:634: *** Your binutils do not support --hash-style option, while you want to use it. Stop.

It looks to me like it's trying to use the cross compiler to generate the headers before the gcc stage1 version is built.

Before I post a bug on this, would like to know if anyone else has gotten a arm7-uclibc toolchain to build with crossdev recently?

I'm building on an AMD64 17.1 desktop profile with wayland and gnome3 with OpenRC [thanks to sakaki's excellent howto!]

Desktop compiler is GCC 8.3.0-r1 with crossdev-20190712. That is what built the toolchains for gnueabihf and musleabihf. It's also the version of GCC being built for the cross compiler toolchains as well.

Any thoughts/hints highly appreciated!!! :D

- Fast Freddy
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