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HP 255 G6 laptop
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:50 pm    Post subject: HP 255 G6 laptop Reply with quote

I have installed gentoo on this laptop, some issues with random lockups solved by using a newer kernel (5.2.9)

Remaining issues are the GPU locks up on shutdown, but only very infrequently. I will try and post a picture next time it happens.

I have gnome installed, and in settings suspend when the power button is pressed is selected, but the computer shuts down when you try to exit suspend mode. It seems to suspend ok, in that the screeen switches off, and the power LED flashes, but next time you press the button, it shuts down. I have laptop mode tools installed and apparently working ok.

Some little issues....

The battery run time estimate is excessive saying 4 hours 30 min remaining at 95% battery level.

At system start the backlight load / save job fails

The CPU gets very hot (75 C) while compiling the kernel (maybe this is normal?)

Where do I start looking regards the suspend issue?

Kernel config at

Dmesg output

Please let me know what other info would help


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