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AlphaPC 164, MILO boot
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:37 pm    Post subject: AlphaPC 164, MILO boot Reply with quote

I recently acquired an AlphaPC 164 (no hard disks) and want to make a dual-boot machine, NT and Gentoo. I have used Gentoo before and am familiar with the install process but the Alpha architecture is new to me. I've been reading a lot in the past couple of days, and I have a problem.

The AlphaPC 164 is a "half-flash" machine, i.e. out of the 2 possible firmware options it can hold only one at a time. To switch between SRM and ARC requires flashing the SROM, which for obvious reasons I don't want to do too many times. The machine has ARC installed by default, which is appropriate for booting NT. The easiest way to install Gentoo would be to switch to SRM, but that would take away the NT booting capability. I want to be able to easily choose at boot which OS I want, so that leaves the default ARC as an option.

For booting Gentoo with ARC I need MILO. There is MILO in portage, but for the initial install I need a boot floppy with MILO. Unfortunately all the download links in the MILO-Howto are dead ( all don't exist anymore). Moreover I have been unable to find any mirrors of the above or any other download locations for a prebuilt MILO boot floppy.

I'm thus stuck in a problem of chicken-or-egg: can't install Gentoo until I have a MILO binary, can't build a MILO binary until I install Gentoo.

I would much appreciate if someone can point me to a downloadable MILO boot floppy image for the PC164.

Alternatively if someone who has a running Gentoo/Alpha machine could build MILO and send me to appropriate MILO binary for the PC164, I could use that for booting.
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