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Dirt Showdown crash on launch [SOLVED]
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:53 pm    Post subject: Dirt Showdown crash on launch [SOLVED] Reply with quote

Hello guys, I'm new here and a recently new gentoo user. This is my first post so feel free to correct me or let me know of anything wrong. Also English is not my first language so pardon me on any misspelling.

So usually I manage to find out the answers by myself digging in the net but in this case I don't know what it could be. The funny thing is that I actually didn't want to play the game per say..

When I first installed the system and steam after, in my library it was one of first native games that popped up, so naturally I tried to run it first. I was a bit shocked it didn't, at first I thought something was wrong with the system but after trying tomb raider 2013 and seeing it run perfectly among another few games(some with proton) I saw that it was something up with it specifically.

I later installed steam and the game on Arch and it ran just fine.

Some stuff that I researched but couldn't find a solution

So the game seems to use the eON translation layer which I don't know much about.
Here are some logs from it considering a clean install, then a second run and at last with -safemode parameter

first run
second run

steam logs starting it, hitting play, game crashing on launch, closing steam.

So far I didn't see a problem with other games, everything working beautifully, only this mystery with this game.

After researching more about similiar problems with other games I figured it out. Rebuilding the following with -mstackrealign

more details

Actually after some more testing I only needed to rebuild
to get it working without issues.
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