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Split from reports: EU referendum (part 2)
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

User: NeddySeagoon
Topic: EU referendum (part 2)
Post: post 8366830
Reason: Trivialising rape and blaming the victim in the same post.

Even ignoring the agricultural usage, the word "rape" has more than one meaning. Indeed the sense in which you are attempting to imply it was used in is derived from the broader sense in which it was used: forcible taking of something which is not recognized by the party from which it was taken as being lawfully claimable by the party did the taking. Another sense in which the term is used is "an outrageous violation" of sovereignty whether of person, property, place, or other form of dominion. It is also, again by definition, used to describe the act of robbery or despoiling. All of those sense apply in the context in which that comment was made. It is a word, correctly used, and by no sane theory blaming any actual victim of sexual assault or trivializing it in any form. -- desultory

desultory wrote:
All of those sense apply in the context in which that comment was made.

No, not at all, since we are talking about a process between two sovereign entities that for success requires the consent of both of them - and if that fails, both are worse off. It much more resembles extrajudicial divorce proceedings. Your exercise in conceptual history of the term does not really help, you know very well this is inflamatory plain and simple. I was of course semi-serious with my report, but I definitely think it is unbecoming of a moderator.


What is the correct English word to describe the process where a group of 28 states agree to disadvantage one of their number wishing to leave the group?

-- Neddyseagoon

You know perfectly well it's not that simple. Leaving the club was always going to be to your disadvantage. The dishonesty and misinformation that led to said decision, and moving of goalposts after that decision, is entirely a matter of the party that did not read the Terms & Conditions. Blaming the club then is simply denying responsibility. You cancel your fitness centre subscription and only later discover you lose access to the sauna, but still insist on getting in there without paying at least the minimum membership. You are being denied. The club won't change their Terms & Conditions just because you and your wife can't reach a conclusion. You can call that rape, but everyone around you will shake their head.


Lets agree to disagree on my use of the English language and save other discussions for the topic.

-- Neddyseagoon

You call it language, I call it vitriol.

And I call your calling him calling it what he called vitriol hyperbole. -- desultory

I'm sitting comfortable after he made his WW3 comment.
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