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No Such Thing as Race, or Cave Men
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Bones McCracker

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bones McCracker wrote:
Goddam rite! You din build dat! Australopithecus built dat!


Hominins have managed to survive and flourish on this planet for millions of years. Millions.

Homo Sapiens has only been around for about 50,000, and our most notable achievement has been to hedonistically trigger a mass-extinction event that seriously threatens the survival of not only our own species but most terrestrial life.

Virtually all hominin evolutionary progress was made prior to Homo Sapiens, the emergence of which was arguably a huge step backward. First there is a significant possibility that we are actually less intelligent that were our Neanderthal cousins. Second, the principal claim we have to superiority is the extent to which our population has grown; but if this is the very thing now threatening the survival of the species, how can we rationally consider it evidence of evolutionary advancement?

It is the tradition of paleoanthropology that modern man is superior because of his increased herd instinct, which has produced high levels of community, sophisticated communication, and large-scale social cooperation. But, if the principal result of this is mass extinction, possibly including our own species, then how is these good things? Is there less suffering, less violence, less evil? No. While a human might say there is less on a "per-capita" basis, I think that's arguably wrong. And, it's certainly wrong from the perspective of the rest of life on Earth, which we exploit, ruin, and destroy.

So, yes, I say to you, "Modern Man", that "you didn't build dat"! Check your fucking privilege, H. Sapiens. And we should pay reparations to everybody who has 4% or more Neanderthal genes.
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