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dracut on arm64
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:33 pm    Post subject: dracut on arm64 Reply with quote

Hi all

For arm64 /boot I use dracut to generate uInitrd as follows

# export ARCH=arm64
# export LINUX=4.13.0-gentoo
# dracut --kernel-cmdline "root=LABEL=ROOTFS boot=LABEL=BOOT" initramfs-dracut-arm64-$LINUX $LINUX
# cp -p initramfs-dracut-arm64-$LINUX initrd.img
# mkimage -A $ARCH -O linux -T ramdisk -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n uinitrd -d initrd.img uInitrd

This has worked pretty well and last time was on Sep 6 (for 4.13.0-gentoo).

(I may need to change --kernel-cmdline in the future)

But if today I make same 4.13.0-gentoo uInitrd this way, system stays
on boot logo. Same code.

Also for newer kernels.

I believe dracut upgraded. It is now sys-kernel/dracut-045-r2. I also
noticed /lib/ link is no longer in initramfs and
some crypto modules are there now. If I put /lib/
there still no go.

I tried minimx-g spot-i7-pro and kvim2. For another kernel I noticed
on the console that no valid /init was found. Which is how I came upon
spotting the missing

On kvim2 I have serial kermit for u-boot and I do not spot any different output
between working and failing uInitrd for 4.13.0-gentoo.
Hereby I should mention I do not (yet) managed to spawn a serial console (see later) so the output is minor.

Note that, unlike on amd64, on arm64 /lib is not a link to
/lib64. Maybe I should make it so?

Meanwhile can anyone recommend other way to make initramfs? Does someone use 'genkernel' perhaps?
update: FYI genkernel seems not yet supported for aarch64 (one needs to write config files).
So any other alternative ?

While on boot topic. What kernel config and inittab etc... is needed for spawning a console on serial port?


have a nice day

update 1.

if dracut upgraded it must have been minor (say dracut-045 to dracut-045-r1 to dracut-045-r2) because working one also was 45:
# dmesg | grep dracut-045
[    0.780598] dracut: dracut-045

update 2.

I tmp gave up on initrd and try to boot without now.
It is also possible I need to make some =m into =y in kernel .config

update 3

I could boot without initrd too (thanks balbes for help) but for some reason slow network preformance.
Now I use tmp work around dracut by making the initramfs using artful ubuntu chroot inside gentoo and having /usr/src and /lib/modules 'bind' mount-ed from gentoo to appear into that chroot.
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