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[SOLVED][EIX-REMOTE] Eix się sypie.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:07 am    Post subject: [SOLVED][EIX-REMOTE] Eix się sypie. Reply with quote

Zauważyłem ostatnio, ze Eix nie aktualizuje bazy remote mimo prawidłowego (zdawalo mi się) pobierania.

eix-remote add
kończy się takim radosnym komunikatem:
Calculating hash tables ..
Writing database file /var/cache/eix/remote.eix ..
Database contains 41809 packages in 244 categories.
 * could not read all eix cachefiles of /var/cache/eix/remote.tar.bz2

Probably your eix cachefile was *not* updated successfully.
Unless the above messages suggest another cause or you specified a
wrong filename, the most likely cause of this is that the server uses
another eix version than you or produced broken data. Please check whether
EIX_REMOTEARCHIVE is a valid *.tar.bz2 archive containing eix cachefiles
(you can download it using fetch).
If this is not the case (but was freshly downloaded), please report a bug.
Note that the archive is *not* broken if only the cachefile format versions
differ: In that case only report a bug if the eix cachefile format versions
in the downloaded file are *older* than that of the most current ~x86 eix
version in the portage tree (but first retry after several days before
reporting such a bug to give the server maintainers a chance to upgrade
after a version bump of eix).
Conversely, if the downloaded versions are even newer than that supported by
your eix, you will have to upgrade to the most current ~x86 version of eix
to use eix-remote: This inconvenience cannot be avoided and is not a bug!

qlist -UqC eix bzip2
app-arch/bzip2 abi_x86_32 abi_x86_64 static static-libs
app-portage/eix dep nls optimization security sqlite strong-optimization strong-security tools

Czy ktoś jeszcze obecnie ma podobne symptomy (globalny problem), czy tylko u mnie eix świruje?

Wybór wersji nie oszałamia:

Samo się popsuło, i samo naprawiło, praktycznie bez mojego udziału.
Najwyraźniej to nie u w Gentusiu był błąd. :)

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